Sustainability of quality standards strictly requires an integrated facility like Fade Food had since over 20 years, which basically starts from seed to the packaged ?nal product.

Good thing to know, Fade Food happily announce: we went beyond the customer demands and provides a product spectrum with the highest quality, right in the time, punctual and worldwide in heightened global competition.

Fade Food senior management undoubtedly believes, it’s harder to protect our quality than achieve it with its pure selected and highly motivated working team. The highlighted distinctive feature of us amongst all our rivals, are below: each employee from top to the down has been critically analyzed/ reviewed on the yearly basis with their performance and productivity and supports them with continuous training program. As its well known Fade Food has the most accepted certi?cates are, BRC A+, Ifs, Kosher, Organic and Fair Tsa as a Social Responsibility program.

With our indoor internal laboratory, all Microbiological and Chemical studies of analysis both raw material and final product can be made on each lot periodically.