Fade Food commits to guarantee quality of both fresh and sun-dried produce from the very beginning. Fade Food organizes and strictly controls all the steps starting from the seed to harvest.

Fade Food gives start to the new season organization in March, negotiates and contracts with around 150 farmers prior to the season, to cover a large planted ?eld area – around 4,000,000 m2; handles the harvest of a huge quantity of fresh produce – around 22,000 m/tones; proceeds ?eld drying on around 600,000 m2 ; and outputs a production capacity of 1500 m/tones of sun dried tomato products annually.

The fresh produce is ready for harvest in July, and made ready for sun-drying process immediately after the harvest. Fade Food has ten regional sun-drying facility yards right near the tomato ?elds, where the crop is processed for drying on the same day. The fresh Tomatoes brought to the drying facility are carefully controlled, selected and washed.

The product is then cut in halves, salted and/or sulphured, and placed on the drying ?eld, to rest under the sun for 6-7 days. At the end of the drying process, the Sun Dried Tomatoes are ready for storage.