Salted / Sulphured Sun Dried Tomatoes are available in different packaging with or without marination in Halves, Julienne or Diced.

Fade Food offers Organic Products to its customers worldwide, besides Conventional products.


Traditonal Dry

A traditional tomatoes drying under the Aegean Sun commonly using for industrial marketing. The tomatoes need a drying process which takes 5 to 7 days with salt and sulphur as a preservative. Packaging alternatives are (in corrugated carton) bulk or vacuum bags;

Ready to Eat

After blanching tomatoes in our factory. The traditional tomatoes have been become a R(eady) T(o) E(at). These Tomatoes are mainly used in restaurants, hotels.. etc.

They are served with salads, pizzas, pastas (with sauce) or can be sub-product for the other industrial processes. Various sizes and shapes (halves, julienne, diced) in available packaging types are plastic tray or vacuum bags;

Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil

SDT in Oil mean that in our Ready to Eat product is marinated with some spices in oil with sun ?ower or olive oil. We served this products very used size jars, tins or tray packs include Halves, Julienne, Diced size.